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Meet Greg Gold, the creative force behind Au Concepts and Designs. As a former college football player for Oklahoma State University, Greg's passion for the game runs deep, anchoring his identity both on and off the field. 


Greg's journey into football helmet design started unexpectedly when he began crafting logos and uniforms for his son's little league football team. From there, his knack for design blossomed into custom helmet creations, culminating in the founding of Au.​


Greg and his wife Courtney, a former OSU cheerleader, are the epitome of a sports-loving family. With their kids heavily involved in athletics, they're always on the go. Whether it's cheering on the Dallas Cowboys with friends, attending thrilling OSU games, or rooting for their kids at football and cheer tournaments, their family's love for the game shines through in every activity they undertake.


What Greg loves most about his business? Seeing the joy on kids' faces when they see their new helmet designs. It's these moments that fuel his passion and remind him of the power of creativity and imagination.

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