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What is your minimum for orders?

For football, baseball, and softball helmet decals, there is a 16 set up minimum order. The minimum order for mini football helmets is 16. The minimum order for helmet polo shirts is 5.

How long does it take to get artwork?

If we have all of your information from your inquiry form, you can expect to get an artwork sample emailed in 5-7 business days. This may take longer during our busy season.

What are your processing/shipping times?

Processing and shipping may vary depending on the amount of orders we get and the time of year.  If you need something sooner than the current processing quoted, we can rush your order for an additional fee.

Do I have to pay when I order?

We understand school systems usually work through purchase orders.  School teams will be invoiced when the order ships, and you will have 30 days to get the invoice paid.

How to pay my invoice?

Once your order has shipped, we will send you the invoice which must be paid within 30 days.  The best way to ensure your order is paid is to send us a Purchase Order along with a contact for someone in your purchase/billing department.

Do you work with non-school teams?

Yes, we are happy to work with any team!  Non-school teams will require a design fee and will have to pay invoices before we begin production.

Will my helmet get a social media spin?

We love posting spin videos of our Au teams on social media, and try to do as many as we can. If you don't get a spin video of your team, it might be because we have hit our busy season or we simply do not have your team's helmet color in stock.

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